Renovera Innovative Fruit and Veggie Wash - 리노베라 과일 야채 세정제

Renovera Innovative Fruit and Veggie Wash - 리노베라 과일 야채 세정제

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Natural seashells in clean waters certified by FDA

Regardless of the color or image of the bottle, the contents are colorless and odorless with only one ingredient.

Net Weight

Care Instructions
It takes a very small portion of Renovera per use. A bottle can on average be used 100 to 150 times typically lasting for 6months up to a year. 
Renovara, made purely from natural seashells, is also registered as a food additive. It is safer than the other cleaners. But, it is only safe for consumption when diluted below 0.001% in water. DO NOT CONSUME DIRECTLY.


  • The Innovative Cleaner - Excellently removes chemicals. Substance removed forms as oil film.
  • Double Removal Effect - Removes chemical residue on produce by decomposing and absorbing them.
  • Ingredients - The safety of RENOVERA has been certified by HALAL and ISO.
  • Cost-effective - 0.05 oz of RENOVERA makes 3 qt of liquid cleaner. 1 bottle can be used 100 times.
  • Proven Effect - Chemical removal and sterilization state-certified. Over 1 million sold!