Matdarang Tuna Sauce - 참치한스푼 맛다랑 대왕 맑은 참치액 (Best By: Nov. 2024)

Matdarang Tuna Sauce - 참치한스푼 맛다랑 대왕 맑은 참치액 (Best By: Nov. 2024)

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This is an exceptional tuna sauce distinguished by meticulous quality control and high-quality raw ingredients. The owner personally selects premium tuna fillets, which are aged in domestic sea salt. Various domestic vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and kelp are steeped together to create a rich, flavorful broth.

This clear, liquid-type tuna sauce allows you to season your dishes with a delightful taste while preserving the natural colors of the ingredients. It pairs wonderfully not only with a variety of Korean dishes such as vegetable side dishes, stir-fries, and soups but also complements pasta dishes. Try this tuna sauce for a clean and mild flavor, and complete your dishes with finesse.


Net Weight
500 ml


    Tuna Extract 67% (Purified Water, Tuna Fillet (Wild-caught), Solid Content 6%), Sea Salt*, Shiitake Mushroom, Shiitake and Enoki Mushroom Extract (Purified Water, Shiitake Mushroom*, Enoki Mushroom*), Vegetable Extract (Purified Water, Onion*, Garlic*, Ginger*, Jujube*, Kelp*), Amino Base.
    * Korean Ingredients