Haenam Traditional Soy Sauce - 해남에 다녀왔습니다 100% 한국산 전통 간장

Haenam Traditional Soy Sauce - 해남에 다녀왔습니다 100% 한국산 전통 간장

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Haenam Traditional Soy Sauce is naturally aged in a clay jar for over 7 years without the need for the boiling process. It goes through filtration at least three times to ensure purity. This soy sauce is made without boiling, allowing you to consume enzymes and probiotics in their natural state. You can savor the rich and deep savory flavor of this naturally fermented soy sauce, with no additives.

When seasoning your dishes, it's best to use this soy sauce after your food has almost finished cooking to avoid over-salting.

The soybean paste used in the production of this soy sauce is made from domestically grown beans in the pristine region of Haenam. The value of over 3 years of natural fermentation contributes to its deep and rich matured taste. Traditional masters of soybean paste production continue to make traditional, high-quality products in the clean Haenam region.

Net Weight
300 ml


Sea Salt Brine 68%, Soybean Paste 32% 

100% Korean Ingredients