Haenam Traditional Gochujang - 해남에 다녀왔습니다 100% 한국산 전통 고추장

Haenam Traditional Gochujang - 해남에 다녀왔습니다 100% 한국산 전통 고추장

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Combining traditionally crafted soybean paste with domestically sourced sun-dried red pepper powder enhances its richness and refreshing taste. A special method, even patented, is used by incorporating nutrient-rich kiwi juice. The commitment to using domestically sourced ingredients is showcased through the addition of carefully crafted rice syrup, bringing out a healthy and sweet flavor.

The soybean paste is made from domestically grown beans in the pristine region of Haenam. The value of over 3 years of natural fermentation contributes to its deep and rich matured taste. Traditional masters of soybean paste production continue to make traditional, high-quality products in the clean Haenam region.

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1 kg


Sticky Rice 27%, Red Pepper Powder 22%, Soybean Paste Powder 20%, Kiwi Juice 18%, Rice Syrup 11%, Sea Salt Brine 2%

100% Korean Ingredients