Gambas Set - 감바스 세트

Gambas Set - 감바스 세트

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When the cold winter sets in, one dish that automatically comes to mind is the warm and flavorful Olive Oil-cooked shrimp dish, Gambas. It's a beloved dish for many due to its easy preparation and delicious taste. To elevate the flavor of Gambas, the secret ingredients are none other than sun-dried tomatoes and high-quality capers. Capture the richness of olive oil with the tangy freshness of capers and the chewy texture of sun-dried tomatoes! This combination will truly introduce you to Gambas like you've never tasted before!


  • Mediterranean Organic Wild Capers Non-Pareil - 메디터레이니안 오가닉 와일드 새싹 케이퍼
    Organic Capers, Water, Sea Salt, Citric Acid


    Net Weight
    3.5 oz. - 99 g

  • Mediterranean Organic Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil - 메디터레이니안 오가닉 올리브 오일 썬드라이드 토마토
    Organic Sundried Tomatoes (with Sea Salt), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Organic Vinegar, Citric Acid, Organic Rosemary


    Net Weight
    7.85 oz - 222 g

  • Laconiko Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil ǀ KORONEIKI ǀ MADE IN GREECE ǀ AWARD WINNING - 라코니코 엑스트라 버진 올리브 오일
    Koroneiki Olives

    Net Weight
    12.68 oz - 375 g

  • GUSTUS VITAE Crushed Red Pepper Flakes - 거스터스 비타이 고추씨 플레이크
    Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

    Net Weight (1 EA)
    1.0 oz - 28 g