Kanggojip Dipori Roasted Seafood Soup Stock (Pack of 2) - 강고집 깔끔한맛 디포리국물팩

Kanggojip Dipori Roasted Seafood Soup Stock (Pack of 2) - 강고집 깔끔한맛 디포리국물팩

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Kanggojib Soup Stock is a top-quality broth crafted in Korea using meticulously chosen ingredients and roasted using advanced technology. The anchovies undergo an additional drying and high-temperature roasting process to eliminate any unpleasant smell or bitter flavor. With its moisture content reduced to below 1%, the stock can be conveniently stored at room temperature.

- Exclusively selected ingredients from Korea
- Pure raw materials without any added MSG or chemical seasonings
- Unique roasting technique by Kanggojip to remove bitterness
- Strict quality control in HACCP-certified facilities
- Long shelf life of 24 months at room temperature from the manufacturing date
- Thicker broth compared to other brands, with the content free of fat and moisture

The Dipori Dashi Pack, made with the high-quality broth ingredient, Korean anchovy(dipori), adds a clean and deep flavor to various clear soup dishes, allowing you to experience a delightful and rich taste.

Net Weight (1EA)
15g x 10 Bags


    Grilled Anchovies*, Sea salt*, Roasted kelp*, Roasted dipori*, Dried red pepper seeds*, Dried green onion*, Radish*, Dried shiitake mushrooms*

    *Korean Ingredients