Churros Set - 츄로스 세트

Churros Set - 츄로스 세트

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- More Healthy Way to Use this Set may be included in your order.

Calling all Cinnamon Lovers. The combination of fresh cinnamon powder and unrefined coconut sugar stimulates the five senses. How about making freshly baked churro chips that are sweet and refreshing for your kids to give them an extra boost of energy!

Endless Possibilities:
- Cinnamon Sugar Bread
- Cinnamon Sugar Fried Apples
- Cinnamon Sugar Toast
- Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

You are saving 10% by buying the individual items in a set. 


  • Mementa 100% Organic Unrefined Coconut Sugar - 메멘타 100 % 오가닉 비정제 코코넛 설탕
    Certified Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

    Net Weight

    454 g

  • PRIMAL PALATE Organic Cinnamon - 프라이멀 팔레트 유기농 계피가루
    Organic Cinnamon

    Net Weight

    1.8 oz - 51 g